School Administration And Educational Supervision Non-Thesis Master Program

School Administration and Educational Supervision Non-thesis Master Program aims at enabling teachers, school administrators, education specialists and individuals who are responsible of various institutions' educational affairs or are preparing for those positions, to gain practice oriented knowledge and skills as well as enabling them to gain theoretical knowledge basis in sub-disciplines.
The program which is directed by leading academicians comprises 3 semesters. The program is taught in evening classes as of a second education program. Unlike the Educational Administration, Supervision, Planning and Economics Master Program, it is designed for practitioners who want to follow the innovations, developments and changes in the field, to improve oneself or to promote to higher positions.
The aim of the program is to train field specialists who have made sense of the impacts of the education and educational administration on social institutions, groups and individulas; analysed the education system and organizations; sensitive to the individual, the society and his/her profession; internalized the way of scientific thought and attitude; aimed at lifelong learning; uses the information and communication technologies effectively; has the professional ethical values; are open to learning and developing oneself.

Provisions for Registration

Possesing admission requirements declared in the Regulation for Graduate Education and Examination of Hacettepe University and being successful in admission examination. Applicants must have at least 3 years of teaching experience.
The previous criteria of ALES and foreing language conditions for the admission requirements are dismantled.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Program includes 36 credit- courses, of which 9 are compulsory and 3 are elective. One of the compulsory courses is Research Seminar. Elective courses can be taken from other Divisions at the Department of Educational Sciences with the permission of the Division. The practice classes are held in cooperation with the schools. The students are responsible for getting a a C1 (65-69/100) /G grade at least for each course.
The students who are accepted as non-degree students to program should possess all of the admission requirements. The students who are accepted as a non-degree student to program can take on a maximum of 12 credit-courses from Scientific Preparation Program or Master Program. To be able to complete the program, the students must complete all of the courses and prepare and defend a term project successfuly.

Graduation Requirements

To be able to graduate from the program, the student should

  • complete 36 credit-courses, of which 9 are compulsory and 3 are elective.
  • have a GPA of 2.75 out of 4.00 at least completing 90 ECTS.
  • prepare and defend a term project
  • get a C1 (65-69/100) /G grade at least for each course.

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