Educational Administration, Supervision, Planning and Economics Master Programme with Thesis

The aim of the Master Program on Educational Administration Supervision Planning and Economics is to train individuals specialized at master`s degree level on administration of educational organizations, supervision of educational organizations, educational planning and educational economics; to train academicians for related departments of the universities; to provide a scientific basis about this field that is theoretical and practical, to individuals to be assigned at administrative units subordinate to central and rural organizations of the Ministry of National Education; and improve professional qualifications of the teachers, administrators and supervisors.

Provisions for Registration

Possessing admission requirements declared in the Regulation for Graduate Education and Examination of Hacettepe University and being successful in admission test.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Program includes 24 credit- courses, of which 6 are compulsory and 2 are elective. On the other hand, Program's ECTC credits are 120. Its' 60 credits are gained from the courses and the remain are gathered from a master thesis. Elective courses may be chosen from the program's itself, or from other master degree programs.

  • Elective courses can be taken from other Divisions at the Department of Educational Sciences with the permission of the Division.
  • For the students who have a master degree from a different university or a different discipline, Scientific Preparation Program is carried out. Program courses, for which accepted students to program are responsible, are decided depending on students' transcripts by the approval of Academic Board of Division.
  • Program courses must be taken in sequence.
  • The students must get a C1 (65-69) at least for each course.
  • The students who will be accepted as a non-degree student (special student) to program must possess admission requirements.
  • To be able to complete the program, the students must pass and complete all the courses and prepare and defend a master`s thesis successfully.


Graduation Requirements

To be able to graduate from the program, the student should

  • complete 24 credit-courses, of which 6 are compulsory and 2 are elective.
  • have a GPA of 2.75 out of 4.00 at least completing 120 ECTS.
  • prepare and defend a master thesis successfully.
  • get a C1 (65-69) or G grade at least for each course.


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Hacettepe University Department of Educational Sciences
Division of Educational Administration 06800 Beytepe Ankara